Kastom dance

Kastom dance
Kastom dancers perform for guests from the MV Lycianda tourist ship

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maskelyne Island Eco Tours and Activities

Below are some of the tours and activites the Maskelyne Islands Eco -Tourism Associtaion offers. All of our guides are trained tour guides who have attained a nationally recognised tour guiding certificate.  See the posts below for more information about the Maskelyne Islands, contacts and accommodation options.

Day Tours: 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maskelyne Islands Information

Maskelyne Islands Eco-Tourism

The Maskelyne Islands are situated on the South Eastern tip of Malekula, the most culturally and linguistically diverse island of Vanuatu. Perched on an extensive reef and bordered by sea grass beds and the largest intact area of mangrove forests in the country, the Maskelynes are rich in marine life.
Ni-Vanuatu people across the country call it “Place blong fish”!

The Maskelyne Islands Eco Tourism Association invites you to share our beautiful islands. Experience our culture and customs, explore our pristine marine environment with world class snorkelling and fishing and conservation areas, island hop in a traditional canoe, taste local seafood cuisine and immerse yourself in our unique and unspoilt island life.

We are close to Lamap airport and we can arrange transport for you out to the islands if you contact us.

President Cedric Phillip: 775 1463

Secretary Stewart Nombong: 710 3496

Bungalow Accommodation

Malog Bungalows
Pescarus Village

Kalo and Nina have three bungalows with double and single beds, flush toilets, generator power, a beautiful outdoor restaurant under a large pagoda next to the water and mangroves in Pescarus village. Both of them are professional cooks, so the meals are excellent; especially the seafood.  

Kalo and Nina have an power boat and can arrage transport to and from the mainland, as well as tours to neighbouring islands and the reefs, they also have fishing and snorkelling gear available for use. 

PRICES:  2500Vt a night including breakfast, meals are  500Vt (local island food)
1500Vt  (seafood).
Kalo and Nina (678) 5656056                         

Malaflaf Beach Bungalows - Lutes Village

Ambong has built a two bedroom bungalow on its own stunning private beach, 5 mins walk from the village of Lutes. There’s a kitchen house with gas cooker if you want to cook for yourself, flush toilet, wash house and beautiful surrounds with big trees to relax under on the beach.

Ambong's warm, friendly and hospitable and will go out of his way to please you.
                                                                                 He is likely to turn your last meal at the bungalow into a full blown celebration, complete with a kava ceremony, string band and lavish spread.
1500Vt a night with breakfast, or 2500Vt for singles with all meals, 4000Vt for doubles with all meals. Camping-500Vt

Ambong on 7103474